Rock Desktop 1.13.10 down?

Is Rock Desktop Down? I can’t process any of my flights. I’m in the field and every time I go to process the flight I get unable to process trajectory immediately.

I went back to flights from Friday to reprocess, and same thing. Instant error.

Your license could have expired.
Your computer has 98% of its memory used and can’t process efficiently. You need a few hundred gb free for your computer to think.

Those are my most common errors that prevent me from using the desktop.

I’ve held this back for over a week and tried to give Rock development time to address this issue. But from the number of postd I see here on this same subject shows a disconnect in support. More than once we encountered this problem with firmware upgrades failing. We sent crews out to refly the project at the direction of Rock support. It failed again. At that time support notified us to revert back to an older version of Rock desktop. Rock programmers need to stop using use all as their free beta testers. If they what beta testers I’d be glad to offet my consulting services.There is no other software that I know of that forces the user to upgrade to a new version immediately upon launching the application. Rock developers must allow the end user to opt out of upgrades. Further more I feel all of the features added to the R3Pro v2 were promised to us in R3Pro v1 and we being forced to for $2000 for a software upgrade becuaae the developer was too quick to push this to market and they just dont have the knowledge. This is just a money grab.