Rock Cloud Timeline for Clients

I have a construction site that I’ll be scanning every 2 weeks for the next few years. I have the first 2 scans up on the rock cloud (Photogrammetry point clouds from Pix4D) which look really great. As an owner, I can put them in a folder and then compare them and look at them through time. I would love to be able to provide this as a link for my client. Have each scan in order and a way for them to click through the timeline and compare the scans without having to become “owners”.

Let me know if something like this is possible. Pix4D cloud has something similar and I have clients that really appreciate it.

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I have a similar project where a client wants two flights. A flight before Solar panels are placed and a flight after solar panels are placed. I see in the rock cloud there is a time classification as well as a height classification. Can we overlay two LiDar data sets to get a sort of time Lapse in the Rock Cloud?

@DroneCanada Currently you can share each individual project and you customer can add them to a folder to view the scans over time. We will be releasing in the next month the ability to share a folder.

@jmosher Yes, if you add the two projects to a folder and use the “Compare” feature, you can cycle through each scan by date. Note: you can configure the project date in the Advanced edit screen on each project.

@Alex I appreciate the new feature to share the folder! The timeline feature doesn’t seem to work for me. I have set the project dates in the “Advanced” edit screen for each project, however it doesn’t change the date in the timeline feature. I’ve shared the folder with you so you can have a look,

@DroneCanada we are looking at this now. Perhaps a caching issue… we will see…

@DroneCanada we found the issue and an update was pushed.

Your data looks awesome! Rock On!

@Alex Great! It seems to work now.

One more thing… When I upload photos to the project data section, blue dots appear on the map as they should. Sometimes when I hover / click on a dot, the correct photo will appear, but only the first time and then that same photo will appear on every dot. Sometimes the photo won’t appear at all and all I get is the spinner indicating it’s trying to load the image.

I uploaded photos for both of the June data sets if you want to have a look on your end.

@DroneCanada can you send me a link to the project?

@DroneCanada this is fixed now. Love the photos!

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