Rock Cloud Processing Credit Structure Change

So did I miss an email from Rock or is there an announcement as to the change in Rock Cloud processing approach with credits? Went to run a job and could not buy credits and start it. Had to request a quote.

This was for a basic classification/topo job, not even enhanced. So 100% of projects will now be quoted and we can no longer buy batches of credits?

Is the pricing structure even still the same?

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We value your business at ROCK. Due to favourable customer response over the years we have decided to take a “per project” approach for all of our ROCK cloud customers. What this means for you is an improved experience working with our ROCK team, more human QA\QC as we have boosted our team and methodology to improve deliverables as well as a dedicated point of contact. This will give our customers the best experience and deliverables. The process is much the same as ordering deliverables and a request to quote will provide you with pricing for the project. After confirming the details and pricing you will have acres allocated into your account to kick off the project. At ROCK we believe in partnering towards better projects together and look forward to working with you.

It makes it difficult to do estimates for projects that we must submit proposals on. I think there should still be an Estimator Tool to get you in the ballpark for quotes to customers.


The quote for deliverables seemed to work fine. An estimated fee for proposals would be great. Maybe based on a Google Earth .KMZ boundary? Only issue we had was turnaround time of the quote. I know you are still streamlining the process but any added days to the deliverables puts more pressure on us to get the final plan to the clients.


I don’t believe the question about the pricing structure was answered also. But what I received was a quote that was around 33% higher than the old pricing model would have been. That’s pretty significant.


You know I agree. This change has been a step back. I feel like a quote I got was much higher than I am used to. Also the quoting sending and invoice for every job then paying, and then having to kick off processing is extremely cumbersome. Still a great product but I feel like this was a move in the wrong direction. Can someone at least give a breakdown of the new pricing structure?


I agree with everyone here. New system is extremely clunky. Our clients expect responsiveness and this slows things down a lot. An estimator tool (upload kmz of area, select processing option, provide a price or range) would be very nice and almost requirement. Also having to pay before processing starts is tough being in corporate world since accounting processes arent setup for quick payment (its done in batches normally). Most suppliers and subcontractors we work with provide quote before the work, agreement is in place, they invoice us after and then we pay. I would be okay even if they kept the old service and just bumped the cost up a little, the ease of use and time savings would be worth it.

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I share a lot of the same feelings as the other posts on this thread. It would be greatly appreciated if there could be some better clarity about this new structure. After receiving a quote yesterday and comparing to a job we ordered back in February, the price has more than doubled. I just want to know what new features are we receiving that justifies the price jump.

I’m also curious about those who paid for ROCK Cloud Business Plan PLUS and the promise of free processing for up to 5 projects per month within 20 acres per project. This feature seems to be ignored in the new structure. I emailed back the ROCK representative who sent me the quote with my concerns and have yet to get a response. This is disappointing and discouraging. I hope this can be addressed ASAP.

I liked the token system before.
I could get back from the field and begin processing and uploading and then order the deliverables and have it processing by later that evening. Even on a Saturday!

I also knew how much it was going to be so I could accurately quote the client.

If Rock isn’t going to publish their new pricing or create an estimation tool, I think we should start a thread so we can get an idea of what they are charging so we can do our quotes.

The old pricing was in a bit of a sweet spot for me. With the increase, it’s now worth it for me to do the classifications and contours myself or with other tools.

So, the quote I just got was for 257 acres, basic surveyor.
$650 USD

Under the token system it would have been 26 tokens or $520.

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Hi Everyone,

This has been some great feedback and we appreciate working with you together.
There is a KML Import and Area Estimator to get a quote for our estimates. The easiest thing to do is start a “New Project” , go to your area and in the “Measurements” on the right hand side - choose Measure Area. then make sure you save this project! Please give it a name. you can then go back into manage project and use that area to “Deliverables” to request a quote for that area. If you want to import a KML that can also be done in the Manage Project - Add Data.

We have been crediting Pro Services projects with the 20 acres equivalent to 2 tokens worth of pricing for projects going forward.

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I may be missing something, but To be honest, I don’t have time for this. We process large projects and need to be able to have the tokens at my disposal to process when ready. I am on the east coast, so you are 2 hours behind me, this is just to time expensive. Please re-consider giving us the option to buy tokens in bulk so we don’t have to waste time getting long distance quotes or waiting on you to “open”.


How many of you are sticking with Rock Cloud for final processing? I am looking into others. Any suggestions?

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