Rock Cloud PDF Overlay Feature Request

Hey everyone!

My office currently uses Pix4D Cloud which has a lot of great features for construction progress and client visualization. One very nice feature which I think could be easily implemented on Rock Cloud would be PDF overlays in the 2D map. We used this feature to overlay design plans on the current aerial imaging on an easily accessible online platform from anywhere. It had annotation tools and scaling tools to accomplish this.

It really is much more of a visual aid then a perfectly accurate layout. That level of accuracy would obviously be accomplished by overlaying our imaging with design CAD. And of course we could upload to our adobe account and share it to everyone, but it wouldn’t be as collaborative or easily accomplished. It would just be nice to have that feature on Rock Cloud to continue the “one-stop-shop” path that Rock Cloud is aiming for.

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Todd, I believe this request has been submitted before. Our GIS analyst has attempted a few workarounds that were unsuccessful. I will get this request to our dev team! Thanks for the awesome feature request!