Rock Cloud Computer Specs

Has anyone had a client not be able to open the Rock Cloud to view a project? My computer can handle it but I am wondering if there are any minimum specs for a computer to meet for using the online viewer (Not processing)? I’ve had a couple of groups just get black screens on the 3D side of things and a long loading time for the map portion.


I always advise clients that most computers, using firefox or chrome, should be able to view the data on the Rock cloud… its computer agnostic.

If they are getting “black screens”, they may need to reset their view? This happens to us at my office all the time. I don’t know why, but some models open up to the most useless views ever… I have one model that opens up and you are staring at only a small handful of points until you zoom out or reset. Another model set I have is the black screen… I must always use the view reset.

Unless your client’s office tech is still from 1990?

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We have a good number of users who open it on their phone/ipad, etc. Rock Cloud should generally work on anything. It could be the reset view or just really slow internet? Keep us posted! We don’t really hear this much so want to stay on top of it!

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My guess is that its a reset that needs to be done. And yes unfortunately most of my clients are still figuring out how to open a .zip file so it can be a struggle sometimes when I am explaining something over the phone! I’ll keep you posted if that doesn’t help here.

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