Rock Base Logging Commands

Can anyone or Rock support provide me with a list of commands that can be sent to the station for logging purposes?

I have my base setup and want to pull data and info from the station for my own logging purposes and I cannot find any documentation for getting log info. All I can find is the 3 commands that can be sent to the device in the Hyfix Mobile CM Manual.

Can someone provide me with this info please?

Hi @foreleft4343 in order to get the RINEX data you need a subscription to the Rock Network.

This gives you access to RTK data from any of the bases on the network and RINEX data download.

You can create a Rock Cloud account here: and then use this link to purchase access to the Network:*rxxou0*_ga*NzcxNTkxMjc3LjE2ODM4MzY2OTU.*_ga_1MG1JQ37DR*MTY4MzkyODY2Mi4xMS4xLjE2ODM5MzEwNDguMC4wLjA.