ROCK Base Installed... But

So I got mine installed on my roof, pics to follow. It’s been cooking for a little over 36hrs now, I know it’ll take a little time to get it going. But I am questioning the online uptime.

I got an email today about my mount point being unstable. My online rate was less than 50%.

I guess I don’t know how to monitor this other than looking at the LEDs. My ROCK Base is located literally right next to the wi-fi router (about 5cm away). It’s up on some an elevated surface and should have no trouble with uptime.

But also, looking at the uptime log, it seems to have started all at once. Is this normal?

It does take about a week to get a good fix on a newly installed base station. Once the fix is good, you will receive your RTK/ntrip log in username and password. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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