Rock Base for PPK?

Wondering if there’s been any progress on the thought of allowing us to download observations from our Rock Bases to use for post processing…
This was the main reason I purchased 2 units when they first came out - one for mining, and one for personal use.


Yes, you are able to download Rinex data from any bases you have a personal RTK subscription to OR any base in the ROCK Network with a ROCK RTK Network Subscription!

You can follow the steps in this article to subscribe and also learn how to download the Rinex Data How to Subscribe to the ROCK RTK Network

Once you have access to RTK on your base or others you can find the Rinex Data by clicking on the Base you are interested in and then clicking the “Download Rinex Data” link under the Mount Point information.

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Thank you for the info, Vicky! I’ll give that a try…