ROCK BASE Firmware Updates

Are updates downloaded/applied automatically?

Have there been any base firmware updates to fix random hangs?

My base was reported as being down overnight - but when I looked at the lights they appeared ok i.e. network light was green, power red, pps light blinking orange about once/second. After a power cycle it appears ok again (at least I see it listed as online on the Rock Network map, and traffic in my router logs, but not on the GeoD network map yet).

I’ve been unable to login to the base to check the menus on the device itself - and when I inquired I was told that there was a known bug to do with 2.4/5GHZ networks that share SSIDs (which is a common feature on networking equipment at this point). I experimented will temporarily allocating different SSIDs to 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ but it didn’t make a difference to being able to login.