ROCK Base documentation

As I impatiently await the arrival of my ROCK Base, is there any formal documentation for install, use & interface for the unit? I’d like to review things a head of time, but I feel like I’m taking a big gamble on the unit since I can’t find much non-sales oriented information.

Hi, there! We dig that you want to get ahead of your ROCK Base arrival. Here’s the ROCK Base Station Setup Documents.


Good stuff, that will be helpful.

My first unit will need to connect to a specific IoT WiFi network. In order to do that, I need to whitelist the MAC address of the unit. Where might I find the MAC address?

You will have to get it connected to another network and do something like this: Finding a MAC address

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Found it - thanks @Alex

Now, how do I find my NTRIP & MP credentials? I’m assuming I’ll get an email saying the unit has a good fix, and it’s ready to share?

You are exactly right! After you set up your unit and let it run to get a good fix (usually occurs in about a week), you’ll receive an email with your ntrip/rtk username and credentials to log in. Thank you for choosing ROCK!