Rock Base - 3d printed adapter

My Rock Base has been online for a couple weeks now and there were no real surprises. The install is mostly a non-event. I did end up 3d printing an adapter that I’m happy to share (PM me and we’ll figure out how to exchange the files)

The 3d printed adapter provides the link between an off-the-shelf non-penetrating dish mount and the 5/8 mount on the bottom of the Base. The install is a little lower than I would prefer, but there aren’t any complaints about the signal quality so I’m leaving it as is.

Rock on!

In addition to the adapter I printed an enclosure. This was more of a personal challenge than a necessity. It looks clean and does have a nice “wow” factor, but perhaps not worth the time and effort given the availability of off the shelf enclosures. The enclosure is mounted outside (in AZ) so it’s printed with ASA filament (better UV characteristics). I plan to move the enclosure under the eve to get it out of the direct southern exposure, but for now it seems fine. If anyone knows of an exterior grade USB-C cable let me know… Picture shows the enclosure without the lid (I was only able to add one photo to the post).


Looks nice! I am considering installing one but I have an NTRIP base so close to my place that it wouldn’t really be much benefit for me.

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This is so cool! If you can email me the files of both 3d files I’d love to share with the team! I’ll go look for the exterior USB cable. If you have more pics, feel free to send them to Also, you should post this to our FB group if you can! Commercial Drone Mapping and Surveying | Facebook