Resolved: I'm having trouble seeing my shp File

Hello all, My Names Greg and Im new to the Rock Community. I received a Contour SHP file and the engineer is having trouble seeing it in ArcGIS. I don’t see anything either in Qgis. The file is 2115KM so there’s data there… would anyone know what i should be looking for?

Does this have to do with choosing a projection for the file in ArcGIS? Hopefully someone who’s an expert can chime in here.

Hey All, for the life of me, I couldn’t get it to work (the instructions were easy enough to follow) I still don’t know the issue but decided to uninstall Qgis and reinstall. There must have been a setting or something I didn’t catch. Thanks for the support!

I’ve done GIS for 11 years, send it to me - and send me the link to the Rock Project

@Daniel this is resolved. It was an issue with QGIS.

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sweet. ArcGIS is worth the cash…sometimes lol

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