Recover Data from Power Failure

I’ve had an issue the last few times out where the power cable dislodged from the m600 midflight. Is this data recoverable from anywhere???

I see one folder on the thumb drive from one of the failed flights today, but all it has in it is the data folder and data files. Can’t figure how to pull it into pcmaster to recreate the project files and attempt to build trajectory.

You need to email support and get the beta version of PC Master and it will let you do it.

Thanks Daniel! I will give them a buzz

You can open the data folders in PCMaster and it will rebuild the project. Usually takes a little while longer to do so and you won’t have a PCPainter file either, for that there is a another work around that you’ll have to do to get the point cloud colorized it requires editing another PPK.pcpp file from the same day to reflect the failed flight with the missing shutdown.