Recommended ground control pads | R2A

I recently did a test with the R2A using the Propeller AeroPoint 2’s. After importing the data to the cloud, I noticed it’s really hard to see the AeroPoint tagets at just 200ft AGL. It’s actually easier to see it on RGB view than intensity view (as is recommended on the tutorials). I put data on high res and played around with the intensity gradient to no success.

What would be the recommended ground targets for LiDAR data (size, color, etc)? AeroPoint 2’s have been amazing for me for photogrammetry missions but it’s impossible to see the center point with LiDAR data.

Any advice on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Given the dark grey / black of the Aeropoints (as well as soft nature of the foam), these do not make good points for LiDAR.

Depending on the job at hand and accuracy specifics, we use PVC boards 700mm x 700mm in a checker pattern (white and black) or simply whitewash powder marked in a “T” or “X”. The whitewash is best for areas where the control may be disturbed or stolen and is a bit rough.

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Here is a video of the GCP points we use:

Black and white checkerboard pattern either 2’ x 2’ or 4’x4’.

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Here is another close-up:

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I also just created this: