R360 trajectory issues?

Anyone else seen anything going on with their trajectory’s with the R360 after the last couple of rock desktop updates? I’m seeing mostly in the vertical component and it varies across the board. I can’t put my finger on it. In the overlapping trajectories I’ll see the cloud bounce back and fourth from high to low to right on the money with the adjoining trajectories. Again nothing consistent. Sometimes it’s 0.1’ to 0.5’ up or down. I can’t just isolate the individual trajectories and adjust them becuse they are all inconsistent in themselves.

I’ve gone through my settings on the R360 and the only things I have changes are the collection angles for certain jobs but I always put them back to factory. Even on the flights I haven’t changed that I’m seeing the issues.

Anyone else having issues? I’ll post a profile as an example when I get a chance.

I saw this same thing last night when I compared 2 adjoining files from my R3Pro in Rock Cloud. Wasn’t sure in my case if it was related to an accidental power loss breaking up my files. Looking at it again now, I don’t see any gaps between them?

it’s almost like there an issue with the projection of the cloud in with the roll of the drone. one side can be above one of the adjoining trajectories and the other side will be below the other adjoining trajectory. and it not the whole flight line it happens sporadically along. I’m going to reach out to rock tomorrow and see what’s up. it’s just started doing this the last month. the r2a and the r360 has been a work horse for us and this is kind of frustrating. maybe it’s just something I’m doing.

2 layers are actually still present in some places for me. I didn’t look around good enough yesterday.

fyi: My situation could be due to a couple factors. I am planning to re fly this property to verify.

  1. I didn’t fly using a manual known point for the base.
  2. I accidentally dislodged both battery’s during a battery swap in the middle of this flight

@KMD I have seen your situation a few times before when I have bad base data or even a bad initialization with figure 8’s or the ending procedures. the way I have fixed or corrected the bad base data is to download the closest 1s cors station data and reprocess. it’s a little noisy with the cors data especially if the site is pretty far off from the cors station. if my base data is good and my initialization was bad well thats a re-fly. I used to run 2 emlid base stations to help eliminate the chance for bad base data but my RS2+ has just taken a crap on me in the last 2 weeks so I’m down to my original RS2.

they say when it rains it pours…

I was using 2 RS3’s at the time. No manual input but base receiving corrections from second base. I was told not to do that, so what is your setup when using 2? Are you using a known point and corrections from the second base?

Both of mine are set up as independent bases both collecting static data and most generally set up on known project control. Sometimes I will set one of the bases on a random point and one on known if it’s a smaller job. I only run 2 bases because I want a backup in case I have issues with one then I can use the other for processing. I don’t have the bases talking to each other. I’m in talks with emlid now about my RS2+ issues. I’m going out to re-fly my site this am before the winds pick up. I’m almost at the point to where I want to say wind may have been a factor in the previous collection although I have flown in similar situation and data has turned out good. I’ll keep you posted.

Still having same issues. todays flight didnt really do much better. ill reach out to rock for some suggestions.

@Joshsrvy @KMD We have found the issue and are working to release a fix today. Thank you for your report!

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@Alex Thank you for the super quick response. looking forward to the update.

@Joshsrvy @KMD We have released a fix for this in v1.11.4: ROCK Desktop | ROCK Robotic Cloud

Thanks for helping us solve this!

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I have updated and already started reprocessing several data sets and I think were back in business! I’ll give a final result once I get through reprocessing all the data that I was having issues with.

again, thank you and the rock team for getting on this so fast.