R360 second USB port


I got an issue with the main usb port on R360 and I would like to activate the 2nd port, the spare one. I tried to just plug in the pendrive and surprisingly didn´t work, looks like the system itself can´t see it. Is there a way or some steps to activate the spare usb port?


Hello guys, after some inspection I figured out how to do it, it´s a simple step, you just need to move a jumper cable inside the IMU.
OK, now you´re goona say about voiding Warranty…and yes, it will void it, but, if you had a major crash like me, and you already had to open every single part of R360, rebuild a Lemo connector, change the camera lens, fixed some components inside the unit,etc,…it´s just like others say, lose by 1, lose by thousands!
Guess what? R360 working again!


Good Show Man!!!
Its amazing when you help yourself, what you learn!