R2A Replacement or Busted R2A GPS Antenna


So in the case where we used to say “my dog ate my homework”, well, my drone prop ate my real work! I had a rubberband holding the excess GSP Antenna wiring to the propeller arm and it must have rotted because it broke and BAM! No more cable for my Antenna and it also cost me 2 hours into a 2.5 hour mission with full Sattelite IMU data loss and had to refly the whole thing. Yay!
Needless to say, I need to replace my Antenna for my GPS. Is there one that is an upgrade on Amazon or can we order a new one from ROCK? I need one ASAP… Thoughts?

Hey Seth,
Sorry to hear about your mishap!
Your sarcasm has made me laugh this morning.

I too would love to know where we may procure additional antennas.

I see zip ties in your future?

Cheers and Rock On!

I am glad I was able to get a laugh out of rhe post. Heres what I ha e located so far…

Heres the model and who Its made by: HC977 Triple-band Helical Antenna + L-band - Tallysman

I also think I may have found a replacement “Cable Only” on Amazon that you can take the antenna apart in about 4 screw removals and then swap the cables. Heres the cable that I ordered that looks right. Someone tell me if I am wrong btw… lol

SUPERBAT SMA Male to SMA Female RF Coaxial Coax Cable 20inches + 5pcs RF Coax Adapter Kit, SMA Cable + SMA to SMA/RPSMA Adapter KIT for WiFi/Ham Radio/GPS/3G 4G LTE Antenna,LNA and etc https://a.co/d/fr4sbVJ

Now its just a matter of putting it together and running a sample test on the R2A to see if the Web GUI shows x-amount of Satellites.

I have examined my coax and I believe you have the correct cable referenced in your link.

Please let us know the results of your experience!

Hey guys, here’s our two recommendations- one you already posted!



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I recieved the one from Amazon and it works great so i bought a backup to keep in my case just in case this happens again. Thanks for chiming in Daniel. It was good to get some feedback from ROCK on that. Thanks again!

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That is great news! I love a 10 dollar solution to a 10000 dollar problem :slight_smile: