R2A Orientation

After running a facade mission with the R2A I switched the orientation back to (roll, pitch, yaw) = (0,0,180) in Rock Desktop and processed a dataset. Each flight line came out tilted by about 30 degrees. I then put the orientation to (0,0,0) and the point cloud processed as it should. What is happening here?

@FLA What did you have set for the orientation in the R2A interface?

When doing the facade work I had (Roll, Pitch, Yaw) = (30, 0, 180). I then put the orientation back to stock settings and had the rolled point cloud. Since then I have noticed the numbers in Rock Desktop have settled on (0, 0, 180) again.

This article explains the Facade Mount Best Practices in which the facade mount values should be YAW -90, ROLL 90, PITCH 0 (some units may require YAW 90 and ROLL -90). These values are what should be entered in the GUI and ROCK Desktop.