R2A Minimum Focussing Distance

Hello RR Braintrust. Is there a “Minimum Focussing Distance” for the LIDAR sensor? I am brainstorming a wildlife research proposal that would, among other things, want to derive point cloud models (and cm accurate measurements) from small rock canyons that are only 3m - 15m wide (30m to 40m deep). It is the convoluted, vertical walls of the canyons, with many overhangs, that we would like to get the detailed measurements from, likely with the facade scanning mount. Pipe dream or possible? TIA>

Totally possible… sounds like an interesting challenge!!

How good of a pilot are you?

I would scan the area and openings in Nadir… totally slow and overkill on the points. Now, I only know what you’ve said, but 3-15m wide and 30m deep… I am betting you can lower your drone into canyon and complete a facade scan at several elevation stations… So you would lower your drone in, stop, do a 360° sweep, drop a few more meters, do it again…

Remember, when you are flying a tight area/little clearance, you will have to manage the buffeting and air turbulence you WILL create in a confined space. Be aware of how your aircraft is vibrating. Have a “bug out” plan/escape route for your aircraft and practice it… so you can recognize the danger signs of poor flight performance and fly out of it.

As for minimum focus distance, you can set the return limits on your lidar from the PC Master software… 0-200m. Play with that setting!

Where is this?

Thanks for the advice Ray. The sites are small canyons in the Canadian Rockies where we have conducted a number of winter surveys using the Mavic 2, gathering RGB imagery (looking for bird nests) for researchers. It is indeed close proximity flying and a place I have no shame using prop guards!! But the M300 is a different beast of course; the idea would be to do exactly as you suggest: nadir missions followed by facade sweeps where we think we can successfully safely maneuver the M300. I’ll do some tests and play with the return limits. A.

Here’s the specifications from the LiDAR unit itself:

You should be good to go so long that nothing gets closer than 2m. That’s pretty close for your drone anyway.

Totally doable.

Not the easiest flying.

All manual LOS flying by very experienced/calm pilot.

Clio Trestle Facade Scan