R2A - M300 setup


As a new member to the rock community I pose a not so technical question?

I recently received my R2A lidar unit within the last couple weeks. After watching the rock robotic videos I noticed that the camera is said to be facing forward (ahead of the livox unit).

When attaching my R2A to the DJI M300 skyport, if you line up the white dot and red dot, then rotate to lock it. The livox unit is ahead of the camera? Is this acceptable or does the mounting unit need adjusted so the camera is facing forward?

Your picture is how I have my R2A mounted on my M300. Exactly as you described.
I believe the “No Strings Attached” might be different, but the model I have (with wires), this is the correct orientation.
I’m sure RR will chime in to let us know the difference?

In my opinion, you can only mount the camera ONE WAY, as per the dots on the mounting bracket.

Short answer is simply that it doesn’t matter the orientation of the R2A on the aircraft as it will figure out its orientation in pre processing. The RGB camera orientation is also determined by the trajectory processor.

Therefore if you were to mount it on any vehicle in a different orientation it will suss this out when you run PCMaster and you shouldn’t have to worry/think about it at all!