R1A damaged in shipping

Hello Rock Team.

Our R1A camera was damaged in shipping. No damage to the Lidar itself that I can tell. Something broke through the pelican case and knocked the lens off the camera, breaking the lens mount. Got the sensor cleaned, new lens and case ordered.

Anything we should be looking for in the testing of the unit to make sure it is producing quality results. I plan to look at the camera boresighting closely. Anything else?



That is a heck of a hit right there! Soo sorry to hear about that.

Can you please reach out to support@rockrobotic.com and we can get an RMA/repair ticket started for you.


Is sending it back required, or only suggested? I’d planed to replace the lens, put it back together and test it out.
What would you guys do beyond that? Do you have access to some type of tools, software or otherwise, to do more extensive testing? I only ask because we are on a quick timeline. I’d be glad to submit some data if helpful.


You can certainly put your own lens on your unit and try to do the calibrations yourself. However, the issue with doing that there is no guarantee with the calibration at that point, and the only way to do that completely would be to do an RMA.

If you find that after doing the lens swap that you need further assistance you can certainly do an RMA at that point to get a factory calibration.