R1a compared to other livox lidars?

What sets the R1A apart from the Livox Liar V?
is the rock cloud compatible with other livox lidars?

Apologies @Dronefx this message must have slipped through the cracks.

The big differences between the R1A/R2A and other livox LiDARs are:

  1. The quality and precision of the IMU / INS. Our systems will produce extremely precise LiDAR data. Better than we’ve seen in any other system.

  2. Phone based control over the LiDAR.

  3. One-click processing. From the time you land your drone to having a fully geo-rectified and colorized pointcloud is substantially easier and faster than other systems.

There are many other advantages. Contact sales@rockrobotic.com for more information specific to your usecase.

The ROCK Cloud is compatible with all LiDAR data!