R 360 truck mount

I can’t say I know how the trajectory processor works, but in my imagination, the purpose of the figure 8 is to give the R2A data with which to calculate the antenna offset. If that be the case, I have a question / suggestion. My truck based gps antenna mount is in a fixed place with relation to the R2A. Finding a smooth place to drive a figure 8 is pretty difficult in some locations. If we already know the antenna offset, would it be possible to bypass the figure 8 step and still process the data using only the long, straight 5 second vehicle trajectory? Hope this makes sense.

I know you are discussing a full size truck, but you may be interested to know that the figure 8’s we need can be really, really small in nature.

I had my lidar on my 1/10 scale truck… that was a blast… and I made good data! The figure 8’s all took place inside the size of a normal parking lot stall.

I am curious too if we could skip the figure 8 step… is this also not used to calibrate the internal compass and imu ?

Hey guys! No skipping the figure 8 unless you go with SLAM. SLAM doesn’t require any of that. Just holding still for 10 seconds or so before you start moving.

Daniel, Have you used the SLAM lidar in a truck based configuration? The guidelines say that I need to make a closed loop every 400’. Cant really do that for a truck based route survey. ( unless we could replace the 400’ requirement with a GCP every 400’ instead. ) Thoughts?