Propose Lever Arm

Is there a way to “propose” a LEVER ARM so the processing can run quicker when on multiple earlier runs a consistent result was already discovered. If there is I would like to then have the solution verify as it does normally. I just want to give a starting “guess” to speed up the processing.

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I was thinking this myself. I stuck my GPS antenna mount to the side of my drone in a pretty cool way that allows me to just fold it up with the drone in the box and it works great. Also, it means that my gps antenna is in the same exact spot every mission. I was curious if the processor had that lever arm offset already built in, if it would speed up the calculation process.

How is your antenna mounted? I assume on a M300?

You can input this into your unit via the GUI. Please note that when you do this you likely want to start with the x,y,z values that were created from a previous project, and if you ever change aircraft or the static position it could cause errors.

Beyond that, you are correct. It will use those entered values as a starting point and then refine from there which can potentially decrease the pre-processing time.

its great because it fits in the box when I just fold it into the battery space on the drone. I never have to re-mount it. But if I did want it off, I can just unscrew the whole mount.

I must say, I am a little jealous of lidar usa’s fixed gps antenna. Seems cleaner.

Those antennas a somewhat directional and don’t like it when you bank. Having a helical antenna is much better as it can pick up signal in the turns or during acceleration / breaking. Those antennas also really do best when they have a big ground plane underneath which is a real pain as it needs to be about 200mm x 200mm and made from some conductive material. Now that’s a pain to pack away!


2 things with your comment.

  1. See Laserboy’s comments, they are spot on!
  2. Check out that rig attached to the legs, that looks anything but simple to mount/dismount. Any space savings achieved by the antenna would immediately be negated by having to leave that rigged 100% of the time or spend 20 minutes assembling.

Personally I don’t really mind adding the handlebar mount, it takes me about 2 minutes to setup the R2A, and I like that nothing remains attached to it when I remove it. That being said, I like your mount there, that’s the first I’ve seen done that way.

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Well I sure learned something about GPS antennas… I totally agree about the awkwardness of the rest of the Lidar USA system. That was our former subcontractor’s that we no longer need thanks to our R2A.

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Technically it’s GNSS antenna as GPS is just the US satellite constellation. Also, just FYI you could use that antenna if you prefer, it uses the same SMA connection as your helical one, it just doesn’t work as well.

Good response on the helical antenna! I was going to reiterate that same point, and also the multi-path rejection. We tried this type of antenna before and the quality was much worse. I do like the top mount but would need to work in the M300 case. Any ideas?

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