Propeller Aeropoints

We have a bunch of the propeller aeropoints and was wonder if these would be useful or if you have used with this system?

I’ve tried to use them with my Velodyne and Riegl systems. The Velodyne didn’t like the foam and seemed to get absorbed into it. For the Riegl, I wasn’t happy with the size of the target; I prefer to use a 4’ square mesh ground control target.

If I get some time next week, I’ll do a test out back.

We have a set of aeropoints and they’ve been helpful overall. They don’t take readings enough to be able to use as a base but for visual control in scenarios where we didn’t send out a survey team they’re great. I haven’t run into the reflection/absorption issue AreDub noted. I used them on a few collections in California, Idaho, and Colorado and they’ve shot in really nicely with my base and pointcloud data. Typically I’ll localize them on a known point to make sure they process in the same calibration we are using across the site.

Super easy to transport, lightweight, and a quick solution for most of my scenarios.