Processing Time - What goes into it?

Just for fun I’m curious what goes into the ROCK Surveyor processing AFTER it has created the contours, DEM, and accuracy report. Asking because it said it created the deliverables in the first 30 minutes and made it so I could turn on the contour layer. If you look at the screenshot you can see how it has finished all the deliverables and now is in the processing phase for about 12 hours now. So far, the contour layer doesn’t seem complete. I’m referring to what I call “volcanoes” where it classified a few homes as the ground and even thought it said accuracy report was generated, I can’t access it yet along with the other deliverables. Of course, I assume this can’t be accessed until the processing is complete, but still curious why I can turn contours on before then.

After AI runs through, it goes to our processing & QA team. Then, our LiDAR analysts assess the dataset and make any improvements they see fit before it gets delivered to you. These times vary based on what you order and how much there is to fix. We just try to keep everyone up to speed, in real time, of how their project is going. This is also the stage at which we would reach out to a customer if we saw an issue they needed to know about or remedy. These can include faulty GCP’s, bad projections, or just issues with the capture of the data.

Cool! It was nice to see how the data was changing over time and happy it is available to view right away even though it is not totally done yet.