Processing in Civil 3D and AutoCAD, Classification of Layers

Hi! We tried to process the data given after processing the contour.

I can generate the contour file in Civil 3D, what I want is to also have the segregated ground points and calibrated pictures(overlayed) that I can Open in Civil 3D or in CAD file (.dwg).Is this action possible?

Also, I was trying to arrange my layers in cloud, and all my layers fall into “unclassified” how can I fix this?

Thankyou so much!

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Hi @Athena can you send me a link to the project you are looking at?

When you run a project through Rock Surveyor it outputs:

1 token per 10 acres for the ground classification + contours

Enhanced Classification

2 tokens per 10 acres for ground + roads, water, and vegetation classified

Enhanced Classification Plus

3 tokens per 10 acres for all the above + bridges, transmission, and buildings classified

I think what you mean by calibrated pictures is that you’d like the photos to have EXIF data associated with them so they can be used for an orthomosaic in apps like DroneDeploy or Pix4D. Is that correct?

Hi Alex! M. Complex 100Altitude | Rock Robotic Cloud this is the project I was talking about.

Yes we need the orthomosaic. Is this readily availble if we process with the enhanced classification plus?

You can make an ortho right now! Here is the article on it.

@Athena The project you mentioned only has ground classified. If you click the “Show ground only” you will see ground classified data. The Rock Cloud does not create orthomosaics currently.