Problem with R2A Camera

My R2A camera has stopped working. Friday morning, I took off, flew a mission, shutdown, then did a new mission and it didn’t work on the second one. I made sure today all my cables were right and I heard the initial camera shot when it boots up. All that was fine. However, I noticed when I started up the lidar I didn’t hear the familar camera click. I did the shutdown, started back up with a new camera cable, and same situation. I went ahead and flew my site because I’m on a deadline (as always) but I want my camera to work. I will update firmware, etc but doesn’t make sense how it worked then it just didnt. It doesn’t make PCpainter files, no images, etc.

I’m flying again tomorrow so I’ll just assume it won’t work then but just need some help.

We are looking into this right now. Starting a support ticket for you.

Issue closed.

Thanks. It seems to be working now after our call. I have not done a flight yet but hope to when the weather clears next week.

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I have seen this issue before and noted that the camera does not show up in the webpage when it’s not working. I shutdown, remove and then replace the USB cable between the camera and the data logging element and try again. It fails more than half the time but eventually gets connected and recognized in the webpage. I note before I takeoff that the camera picture number is integrating up every 3 seconds or so to affirm it has stayed connected. USB cameras…they are not very robust but yet so common…

Thanks! I did that stuff stuff after a call from the support team and it worked, but it didn’t before. Guess I just didn’t try enough times.

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Thank you for the feedback! We are looking into a software fix for this.