Point Display Tag Modification Request

As I create my models, I load a GCP file and then create random points on the model to check things that are interesting to me.
This is great until I have so many points in my model, I can’t tell where what is. Sure, I could toggle them on and off in the menu (this is good), but the problem I encounter, after creating many points, is the “tag” on the point does NOT display which point number OR GCP number it is. It only gives me x,y,z. May I please have the point number also?
Another useful feature would be a toggle setting so I can view only my points (no annoying tag above the point that blocks out other stuff I am looking at…), points with tags, points with only point numbers or all of it together. This customization would allow me to create, view, analyze my points on the model while letting me know which point is which and toggle on/off only the values I want to see.

This would be freakin’ awesome.


You can label your points by adding a title to your .CSV

Toggle GCP Text. (Feature request added)