Point Cloud Export Question

It would be great if I could export the point set used in the Rock Surveyor contour generation. It would make my workflow easier. I know I can download all the points but if I download the Rock Surveyor Point Cloud ground, is that the same points? Trying to have a workable full set of points I can download and throw in a Civil 3D Surface?

You just want the ground points correct. No other points?

Just the same ones used in generating the contours, yes. If it had multilple classifications that’s fine. I know I can download them I just don’t get anywhere near the same contours when I make a surface in CAD from those points.

@Daniel have you tried exporting Rock Surveyor Grid?

I have but its a uniform grid - I am trying to eseential recreate the contours your provide via points in a civil 3d surface - which would let me just add my field points to said surface and be done instead of going through virtual surveyor.

@Daniel we are looking into this.