Point Cloud Editing

I’m working on getting my first project processed and I’m running into a few things.

  1. There are artifacts from water reflections. Can I somehow edit the point cloud in Rock Cloud or is this best done locally before uploading?

  2. Same as above just regarding shrinking the area of interest. We captured a lot more data outside of the actual survey area than necessary. Can I define an area to process by uploading a .shp or .kml file of some sort?

  3. The survey was done in 4 sections. 2 on one day and 2 on the next. The base station was moved slightly on each day. How can I align the different point clouds with each other in Rock Cloud in order to produce a single survey?

  4. I have a gap of about 2-3 lines. (150-175m) in the survey. (dense forest prevented signal to the drone). What will be filled in the gap when it comes to contours etc after processing?

@DroneCanada Congrats on your first project!

  1. Artifacts from water or any other surface that is retro-refracted is common. Depending on the deliverable you purchase, those points will get classified as ‘Noise’. We do not currently support manual classification of those points within the cloud.

  2. The Rock Surveyor does not support processing only a subset of data. We are looking into adding that functionality in the near future.

  3. Take a look at https://learn.rockrobotic.com/how-do-i-use-the-compare-feature

  4. The Cloud Processing will attempt to interpolate and fill in missing data where it can. If it is unable to fill the data, then there will be a hole where there is no data.

Did you use GCP’s? Or do you have overlapping data from each day?

A little of both. The terrain didn’t allow for many GCPs but there should be some overlap from each day.

Do you have CloudCompare? It’s an open source point cloud software, you’ll be able to align the two clouds with your GCP’s and or visually using it.

Yes I’ve been using CloudCompare for a while. I’m just seeing what tools are available on rock cloud vs. what I’ve done in the past. Thanks!