Plant 3D LiDAR workflow

I’m a mechanical designer for a chemical refinery.

I use the BLK360 with Lecia’s Cyclone software, register 360 and Cloudworx. AutoDesk Plant 3D has specific add-ons for Cloudworx and Register 360 to help bring pointclouds into model space and automatically tag pipe size from standard specifications libraries.

My workflow isn’t surveying topology, more like equipment, pipe racks, flange and valve locations. I have been looking into a drone to help facilitate elevation scans that i can’t reach from ground level with my BLK360.

My first question is anybody else using Plant 3d with Rock Cloud? I don’t think this software ties in with my workflow, I could be wrong.

Second Question, Can i just opt in for the hardware only? Drone, Base station, LiDAR, and extra batteries?

Third Question, can I still get a R1A? Where can i get a quote for this because the Quote button on the Rock Robotic link seems to have expired.

Fourth Question, is anyone using Ground LiDAR scanners (BLK3650, RTC360) with Drone scans?

Answered over here: AutoCAD Plant 3D