Pix4D Photo and EXIF File Import

After a flight I have tried to take the pictures and the EXIF data from the R2A into Pix4D and it seems to be assigning the wrong coordinates to the pictures? If anyone has any suggestions on what to do that would be great. It would also be great if the file names were simplified as well.

Are you using the ppk_imageList.csv file with the photos?

The file naming convention for the photos is CameraSN_shutterStartTime_ShitterFinishTime

Yes, It worked just fine on last project, not not so great on this last one

You’ve run PCMaster and outputted the .las file and then run PCPainter and outputted a .las from that as well correct?

Have you tried the EXIF writer to add the X,Y,Z coordinates to the images and then uploading them to your Rock Cloud project in the photos tab under Project Data?

That would confirm that the coordinates of the photos are in the correct locations/association with the point cloud.

After that I would ask if you did anything to modify the photos or camera folder AFTER you ran PCPainter. If so you could run it again and produce the ppk_cloud_1_colorized.las then try your ortho upload once again to see if it nets you different results.

Yeah it comes out perfect in PCPainter, but I’ll try the EXIF writer and see how that comes out. Thanks for the help.