Photos 180 degrees when in painter

I did my first mission, looks like everything processed correctly and I got some cool dots :smiley:
Issue is in painter all the photos are 180 degrees to what they should be aligned to, what have I done wrong?

edit: i have worked out you can change it in the Rock Orientation setting… bit of a pain but lines up now :slight_smile:

Well done, Craig! When photos look wacky, looking at orientation is most always our first suggestion :slight_smile:


This is the biggest (only?) issue with PC Painter. To save a bit of time you can edit the ppk.pcpp file using a text editor. Near the end there should be a line in the Offsets section that sets the Yaw to 180. If this line is missing, you can copy and paste it from a previous .pcpp file. After saving the file you can just right-click > process on the PC Painter file as usual.

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Note also: If you configure PCPainter with the correct orientation and save (or update the pcmp file directly) you can load this file onto your usb, plug into the R2A or R360 and load the settings to your device. This way you don’t need to edit it every time.