PCpainter not painting

I can see the camera folder with load of .jpg’s but when I process the with pcpainter…even the right click process method it doesn’t add the camera views along the flight path.

Any thought?
If I produce las file, no rgb value is added to point cloud.

Did you change anything in the folders? I.E. rename any files or move anything?

PCPainter uses the ppk_cloud_1.las file to colorize so if it’s renamed it will mess with the .xml and PCPainter won’t find the .las to colorize.

I did not. Is there any way to just completely start over? Re-calculate everything and start over?

Sure thing. Just take the “raw” data off the USB and use that to reprocess with.

I re-formatted usb in field because I had a 2nd flight. Now what?

you can recreate a project using just the .data files and the RINEX log.

This guide should give you some insight on how to do that.