PCPainter Issues

So I’ve been looking thru the community forum like I’m supposed to, but still ain’t seeing any fixes really for issues colorizing the lidar points.

I’ve tried on the last few projects to run Painter, but it always just quits after it says “Done populating visualizer”.

Any help would be appreciated.

Having the same issue with a project

You created your point cloud with the PCMaster. Yes… we have a point cloud.

We open the PC Painter… the GUI appears and the computer starts its mathimagics… and it does all the work, but nothing appears?

Have you tried the same project, but only using the secret right click method? Instead of just opening PC Painter, right click… second choice down… Process… and it will run the whole program without the GUI. This may fix your “problem”… In the past, many of my images would not appear, or only random ones. I learned that the PC Painter program can only handle a finite amount of images (or something like that).

Try the right-click method first. If you are still getting errors, please say something. The Rock engineers are pretty clever and many times there is something simple that was overlooked.

Yes, I always process pcpainter through the CMD line. Mine gets to building Octree and shuts down

Tried cmd line version, but mine gives me an error message saying it won’t work with a 64 bit system.
That doesn’t seem right, but it’s what it said.

I will try the secret right click method and see what magic ensues!

Need to state/ask the obvious, sometimes overlooked troubleshooting:

  1. All software up to date?
  2. Did you re-boot the computer?
  3. Swearing works, sometimes (LOL)
  4. Try an original copy of the data