PCPainter and Source ID

Can you confirm if it is by design that the PCPainter process overwrites the SourceID (Laser#) field? If so, is there a way we can enter a feature request to preserve it somehow either in another field or by script to pull out and reapply after colorization?


I think what is done now is that PSID is replaced with the image number. It looks like nobody really needs it, so we can ask to keep the original laser number in that field

That would be great. We use it for every delivery to thin the ground. Spatial thining is not a uniform as just culling lasers and just exporting a single laser for ground keeps the cloud small and clean and allows us to leave the above ground features more dense.

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For that you can thin it in PCMaster before colorizing by only selecting one laser for export - check out the Lasers menu where you can uncheck all but one laser for display and/or export.

The issue would be that would split it before classification and ground control adjustment. We thin by laser/by class. So the ground classification to only a single laser. The veg and building to 3 lasers and leave electrical structures with all 6.

Within pcmaster / pcpainter it’s pre-adjustments.

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I see. Well, the good news is that the feature request was accepted, and the next release of PCPainter will have that.

Awesome. Good to know and for the projects where we don’t have the post work needed, exporting individual lasers from PCMaster will work great. Thanks for letting me know as we had not played with that yet.

Any update on when this fix will be implemented / new version released?

Thanks in advance.

Any update on this new version that will retain the source ID after running PCPainter?

@iaerobotics PCPainter has the fix for source id.