PC Painter Settings for R2A

Now that I’ve been playing with the PC Painter program and working hard to make my colorization of the point cloud the best it can be, I came to the understanding that if certain values are adjusted too far, we can run the risk of creating further misalignment and smearing.

So… how much is too much adjustment?
For example, my IMU-Camera Angular settings stock:
Yaw: 0.600
Pitch: -0.980
Roll: -0.180

These settings, while accurate for a few weeks from new, no longer apply. My stock settings produce horrible colorization.
In PC Painter, I adjust the IMU-Camera Angular Offsets:
Yaw: 0.600
Pitch: -1.250
Roll: +0.600

Where is the “line”? I have been charting my deviations from stock settings… and the adjusted values are always growing. I am reluctant to save any new settings to the R2A because these variables are not consistent.

While we are thinking about this… is the Angular Offsets the best variable to adjust? Or would the results (good colorization of the point cloud) be the same if we only played with “Linear” offsets or, maybe, the “Orientation on Vehicle” setting (the R2A does kinda hang funny from the mount, not parallel to the aircraft).

Which is the best tool?
How much adjustment is too much?

Have you updated to version on your firmware? If so you also need to update to in PCMaster and in PCPainter.

If you’ve done that, I have a beta computerized camera calibration version of PCPainter to test with that could automate the camera alignment process. If you want to try that send a request email to support@rockrobotic.com

You shouldn’t need to change the linear offsets as that is hard coded from the factory and pertains to the physical location of the camera in relation to the main body.

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I have sent an email to support.