PC Master error

We are very new at doing this process so it may have been us.

PC Master error “Failed to resample base measurements” after giving the rinex base file was displayed. Anyone have any information on what may have caused this and if/what we may have done wrong? We had base data 30 mins before and about an hour after our flights.


Welcome to the community. A couple of questions for you.

Are you 100% certain that you are using the correct RINEX file? It is easy to get them mixed up sometimes.

Did you place the .210, .21B, and .21P (or .OBS & .NAV) file into the data folder of your project as well?

Are you 100% sure that you completed your collection correctly? Did you stop and shutdown the R2A properly to complete the R2A files (ppk.pcmp and ppk.pcpp) that accompany your dataset? or are they 0kb?

Lastly, have you scheduled your onboarding to go over proper workflow and usage of your LiDAR system with an expert?