PC Master Ellipsoid Height setting during processing

During processing in PC Master the Latitude / Longitude / Ellipsoid Height corrections window comes up shortly after unpacking and selecting the Base PPK correction data. The ellipsoid comes up differently each time from 200.00 cm and up. I thought that this Ellipsoid Height was the C/L height of the Reach Head from the ground. We use a 2M pole with a quick disconnect coupling on top of the pole and the Reach head. We measured the height above ground of the Reach C/L (seam between white and gray) and came up with 82.0625" (208.4387 cm) I have always corrected the Ellipsoid Height to the 208.4387 cm for each processing. Is this a correct procedure? In the Rock Academy Videos the current settings are always kept with OK. Not sure it matters as aligning GCP coordinates from the ground crew should provide correct GCP positioning.

The values that you’re given initially are the header values from the RINEX file. So they are by no means corrected. They are just kinda close to the actual point. To give your dataset precision you need to use a known point converted to wgs84 and ellipsoidal height + the height of the prism pole & 134mm (for the RS2). Or an OPUS solution.

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