Passive income?

Is anyone actually making any income off of these Rock Base units? I’ve got really solid up-time on my unit, but I purchased an RTK version, not the miner. I’m thinking about switching over to a miner, and possibly populating more of them where I can. As much as I love the idea of decentralizing the correction networks, I’d like a little something back for my investment, and I’m not using the RTK access hardly at all. On the off chance I use it, I’d be better just to get an account for the month.

I’m curious if anyone is actually ‘cashing out’ on the crypto side of things though. i.e. - Can you transfer the tokens over to anything that actually has any tangible worth?

You can check out the market transaction volume here: GEODNET price today, GEOD to USD live price, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap
$5,600 volume of transactions yesterday. And you can earn around 45 Geod tokens a day and at $.0224 - this is around a dollar a day, but most people are investing into the success of the token. so they hold and are waiting for an increase.

Here is a good video walkthrough on transferring to USDT

Thanks Harrison! Much appreciated.

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