Orthophoto coming out weird on ROCK Cloud

Hello everyone I am posting this on behalf a new ROCK Cloud User:

I recently generated an orthophoto , and I’ve noticed some anomalies in the image.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues with their orthophotos? Are there any common reasons for these distortions or abnormalities? And most importantly, how can I rectify this?

Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jamie,

I had this same issue when uploading my Ortho to Rock Cloud today as well and you were able to help me out with fixing it. I’m not quite sure what caused this though.


Hey JR,

Only certain types of orthomosiacs display correctly in ROCK Cloud. The orthomosaic needs to be in 8-bit 3 band RGB format in order to display correctly. To get your ortho photo to display correctly I brought it into QGIS ( a free program) and exported as a rendered image Geotiff which allowed it to display correctly on ROCK Cloud