Orthomosaic Map

Can we upload a geotiff ortho and have it available for online viewing?

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Where are you trying to upload it?

Map view or another suggested spot? Id like to be able to include a geotiff and then have it tiled for viewing.

So you would like to be able to visualize your geotiff file that is created from Rock Surveyor right? I suppose I’m not entirely sure what you’re desired outcome is to be honest.

More specifically, any GeoTIFF ortho map that we have that is associated with the project. Upload it with the project data and then on the map side, the client can navigate and zoom in, take measurements and annotations. Dronedeploy has a bunch of functions if you have ever used theirs, something like that.

That’s what you can do with a colorized point cloud. The GeoTIFF (DEM) files are a deliverable out of Rock Surveyor that can be use for a multitude of other purposes. As the Rock Cloud is centered on LiDAR data I am not sure that this would be our target use case as you can already do all that you suggested (and more) with a .laz or .las file.

A colorized point cloud vs a colorized ortho aren’t the same when looking at them side by side. Having the ortho is much better. While yes LiDAR is the main function, color orthos complement the deliverables and data. Like peas and carrots.

As there are so many different ortho softwares that already exist, we have no interest in competing in that medium. You can however add an ortho to your dataset by including it in the project files inside a .zip folder. That of course allows you to share ALL of your deliverables in one place from your Rock Cloud project.

Well, given that the purpose of your service is to make it a one-stop for our collected drone data, you may want to rethink having this as an interest.

We are laser focused on lasers! We simply make it available to add other data to your project if so desired. Whatever additional files you’d like to add, just make sure that it’s in a .zip folder.

I agree with Seth.

To use an analogy: The best meal in the world, with the tastiest of ingredients will be disregarded and dismissed if the presentation is not worthy of the meal. Its all in the presentation… I could serve you simple gruel and you would tell me its the best because I presented it to you on a fancy plate with some trimmings.

My clients LOVE the ortho photo. Much work, planning and discussion is had around the ortho maps. The Lidar point cloud is awesome, the data is awesome… but the point cloud is NOT as good as an ortho.

Please Rock, we love lasers and what you do… just don’t forget the rest of the mess that makes this data shine!!

Just a little update. I had been texting with Harrison the owner on Wednesday and he told me this is actually in the works and is an important addition coming soon.