Ortho Input File Prep

I’ve been playing with the ortho image import feature that has been recently released. I have not had any success, but I believe that my lack of success is DIRECTLY RELATED to the fact I am not prepping my data properly before sending it to Rock.

  1. Make sure your image is in the “RE-projected” coordinates you have your data set too.
  2. Make it a .tiff ortho image (I had the wrong one a few times… oops, watch those file names!)

Does anyone have useful tips or workflow to help down sample .tiff imagery? Tiny files are not an option for my current set up. Mine clock in at 20gb (!!!)

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I am making a tutorial video on how to downsample with QGIS. Should be live soon!


Thank you for this… Having an excellent reference would help us not make silly mistakes!

Here it is! Smaller ortho file size with the ROCK Cloud - YouTube

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