Order a specific area for deliverables

Greetings LiDAR gods.
We can now choose what will be in the processed deliverables by utilizing the area tool to save tokens

I am having trouble understanding what to do after making the polygon.
-polygon around the area desired (great! 40 acres is now 25 acres)
-press image icon “enhanced processing” and then export(?)
-popup appears with selection of downloads (what do I do with these?)
-Go to process and order rock surveyor and it still says 40 acres will be processed.

There must be a step I am missing and the FAQ article isn’t clear on that.

I may have read the article too fast…it says contours, hydrology, planimetrics only. My bad!

Surveyor will still be run on the entire project, you can however delete what you don’t want to process if you’d like.

Did you hit “save” after you created your polygon? (that trips me up all the time)
And yes… the processing area selection only works for certain tools.