No photo images

The Rock Community,

I downloaded my flight data and processed the trajectory, but for some reason had no photos to upload from the R2A? I believe I might be having an issue with the Samsung jump drive that gets plugged into the Lidar unit. That said, can I just re-fly my flight plan, possibly higher and faster (to save time) and use my original Lidar data and Emlid base info? Or do I have to re-fly the entire job , Lidar and all?


You need to re-fly. It will be the easiest option.

Or just have everything with intensity view?

@rrobinson PCPainter and Rock Desktop rely on the camera being flown with the LiDAR unit. Because of this, you cannot fly two separate missions.

Make sure after you land, the camera is still taking pictures before you shut it down if you don’t hear it clicking you probably won’t have any pictures after processing. This happened to me also. I make sure before i take off and land it is clicking also.

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