No Lidar data recorded

I flew a small ~30 acre site the other day. Everything seemed normal but when I checked the data, no “Lidar” folder was created. I didn’t notice at first and had to get all the way through the trajectory processing before I realized that there was no lidar data captured. All the photos were there.

I had packed up the drone by that point but I set it up again and flew without changing anything and it worked as it should.

Any idea what could cause this?
Is there any way I can confirm that it’s capturing Lidar data before I take off? This could be a huge setback on a large operation.

(I’m not sure if the WiFi bug is fixed, so I only use the physical button to start / stop operation)

The wifi bug is fixed. I’ve not had that issue in a long time.

I verify, through the interface, that my camera and lidar are present. I press “start”, wait for the clicks… wait for the “high velocity” message and away we go!