No Lidar data recorded

I flew a small ~30 acre site the other day. Everything seemed normal but when I checked the data, no “Lidar” folder was created. I didn’t notice at first and had to get all the way through the trajectory processing before I realized that there was no lidar data captured. All the photos were there.

I had packed up the drone by that point but I set it up again and flew without changing anything and it worked as it should.

Any idea what could cause this?
Is there any way I can confirm that it’s capturing Lidar data before I take off? This could be a huge setback on a large operation.

(I’m not sure if the WiFi bug is fixed, so I only use the physical button to start / stop operation)

The wifi bug is fixed. I’ve not had that issue in a long time.

I verify, through the interface, that my camera and lidar are present. I press “start”, wait for the clicks… wait for the “high velocity” message and away we go!

Did you ever figure out what caused this, or how to prevent it? We just had the exact same issue happen.

@MSI_UAV there have generally been two causes for this:

  1. GNSS interference which causes a loss of satellites for a period of time which would render the data collection inaccurate. (Could be from flying into a directional microwave antenna for instance)

  2. Leaving your phone or computer connected to the LiDAR via wifi while flying. Coming in and out of wifi reception during the flight has been known to cause this issue in rare situations. We recommend turning off your connection to the R2A while it is in flight to prevent this: LiDAR powered off or stopped collecting data mid flight?