No Fly Zones in the DJI M300

Hi all, I’ve flown my M300 on this site before, by clicking yes on the “accept responsibility” and “I am authorized” tabs, but now my controller shows an expired certificate and I can’t seem to get past it.
Has anyone encountered this and figured out the method to get going again?
Thanks, Jim

so after a lengthy search I found this. I tried the other two unlocking procedures, but it wouldn’t do it for me. Didn’t recognize the controller for some reason. Self unlock worked as it should. Just wish it was a more straight forward find…

After you get approval, you’ll need to go to the Geo Zone Unlocking on the controller, hit the refresh button, and import the new authorization.

Good luck all

Go to the “hamburger” menu in the top right.
Scroll down to unlocking licenses. Open this.
Turn them all off. For whatever reason, they always stick on and never expire.

Try again.

This works for me 90% of the time.
The other 10% is just frustrating as hell and makes we never wanting to purchase DJI again.

Connectivity and devices has always been an issue for unlocking DJI aircraft. Most often the unlocking needs to be done using a laptop instead of the controller, and then to import the unlock I have had to use my phone instead of a crystal sky to upload to the aircraft. That was of course with any DJI aircraft that doesn’t have a built in display (i.e. M210, Inspire 2).

With regards to using the smart controller you still likely need to do the unlock on the DJI Self Unlocking website and then upload it to your M300 via your connected smart controller.