New Interface! (and a suggestion)

Imagine my surprise when I opened the Rock Cloud and was greeted by the subtle, yet useful changes that have occurred!

I like it… especially the tools on the right side that now open in their own little piece of screen real estate!
And now… with 15million points (opposed to 10million)!!! :laughing:

Suggestion: Would it be possible, once the new tool window area opens, to be able to “custom” size the window (much like how we can with the text editor in the community). This would allow me to view my insane numbers that I need to enter to move a model from 0,0,0 to Canada :thinking:. It would also allow me to shrink it… so I could play with the settings and maximize model space.

Can we have an option to “undock” the tools and move them around (a la most CAD platform tools)? :crazy_face:

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We’ll get these into the backlog and see what we can do! Thanks for the recommendations and suggestions!

@FlyingRadioWaves we just implemented the ability to resize the dock and are looking into the undocking for future iterations.

It works perfect on my end.

Thank you for this subtle modification to the Rock Cloud.