New guy here, Introduction

Hello all,

I just bought a used R2A after renting one and liking it. Prior to that I’ve been using drones and photogrammetry to produce orthos and DEMs. I’m a land surveyor who mainly does boundary work but I have been getting more topo surveys and more particularly, stockpile quantity surveys. Other than purchasing PCMaster and PCPainter, is there anything elde I need to know or buy to keep up to date on firmware or other issues? I may end up using Rock Cloud but for now I mainly need a DEM so I’ll be using Global Mapper and/or Virtual Surveyor.


Hi Gregg,
I’m also new user. I’m heading out to test the R360 tomorrow. I believe they are replacing PCMaster and Painter with PCDesktop and/or RockCloud.

Good to meet you.

If you are able to digest your pointcloud files without further processing, all you need is the Master/Painter combo. We utilize a variety of programs that feed off the point cloud data.

Rock Desktop is a hyper quick visualization tool for your data and streamlines your processing. It will compress your data from .las to .laz and load it to the cloud for you.

To be clear, you will use your Master/Painter software to create your pointcloud, OR you can use the Desktop which does it all in one go. Once you have your point cloud, you may feed it to the Rock Cloud (further visualization and editing), or import the point cloud to your software of choice.

Hit us up for a ROCK Cloud trial! I used to use the same combo and switched to ROCK Cloud because it was so much easier.

Recommend trying Rock Cloud, the online visualizer is a selling point for a lot of my clients. Otherwise, have fun flying!